Pharmaceutical Sieving Process
The pharmaceutical industry establishments primarily engage themselves in the manufacturing, fabrication, or processing of drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use. The drugs are usually finished in the form intended for final consumption. WEILIANG sieving equipment is in many facilities helping in this process. The WEILIANG vibrating separator line is widely used throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry. The screening of granular material for use in tablets and capsules poses blinding and dust control problems for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Product Recommend

Our Advantage Application
• Petroleum coke
• Calcite
• Plastic 
• Sodium carbonate
• Wood powder

• Milk
• Citric acid
• Silica sand
• Starch
• Fiber
• Salt
• Soy portein
• Coconut milk

• Silcone metal
• Frac sand
• Metal powder
• Resin
• Fertilizer
• Rubber powder

• Palm oil

• Reflective glass beads
• Ceramic sand
• Recycling
• Sugar
• Spice herb
• Wheat flour