Recycling Sieving Process
Recycling is the process of treating waste materials so as to make them suitable for reuse. Some of the more commonly recycled materials are plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Recycling facilities around the world utilize WEILIANG sieving equipment in the processing of these and other recycling applications. Whether you require our circular vibrating separator, or one of our gyratory screen, WEILIANG has the system specific to your application.

Product Recommend

Our Advantage Application
• Petroleum coke
• Calcite
• Plastic 
• Sodium carbonate
• Wood powder

• Milk
• Citric acid
• Silica sand
• Starch
• Fiber
• Salt
• Soy portein
• Coconut milk

• Silcone metal
• Frac sand
• Metal powder
• Resin
• Fertilizer
• Rubber powder

• Palm oil

• Reflective glass beads
• Ceramic sand
• Recycling
• Sugar
• Spice herb
• Wheat flour