Ceramic Sieving Process
equipment is vital to the Ceramic Industry. In order to generate quality ceramics, certain micron ranges must be achieved for the final product. WEILIANG sieving equipment can help to reduce the size of the ceramic product, as well as size the particles to certain micron ranges. A closely-controlled particle size distribution is extremely valuable in the production of ceramic body slips and glazes. Manufacturers of ceramic products must also remove fine impurities from ceramic slip in order to produce a high-quality product. WEILIANG sieving equipment has helped hundreds of ceramic customers worldwide.

Product Recommend

Our Advantage Application
• Petroleum coke
• Calcite
• Plastic 
• Sodium carbonate
• Wood powder

• Milk
• Citric acid
• Silica sand
• Starch
• Fiber
• Salt
• Soy portein
• Coconut milk

• Silcone metal
• Frac sand
• Metal powder
• Resin
• Fertilizer
• Rubber powder

• Palm oil

• Reflective glass beads
• Ceramic sand
• Recycling
• Sugar
• Spice herb
• Wheat flour