Powder Coating Sieving Process
Powder Coatings are used to provide corrosion or weather resistance to metal or plastic parts. Most often they act as a primer coat for "high gloss" finishes. They also may be used as an electrical insulator. Powder coatings typically contain vinyl, epoxy or nylon powders. Screening of the material is necessary right after the milling or prior to packaging. The problem which occurs during this process is that the material is so fine that screen blinding occurs, significantly reducing throughput. The Artech Ultrasonic system eliminate this problem through the use of ultrasonic vibration, which is introduced to the screen wire mesh. This secondary vibration deblinds the screen allowing the material to flow freely through from deck to deck.

Product Recommend

Our Advantage Application
• Petroleum coke
• Calcite
• Plastic 
• Sodium carbonate
• Wood powder

• Milk
• Citric acid
• Silica sand
• Starch
• Fiber
• Salt
• Soy portein
• Coconut milk

• Silcone metal
• Frac sand
• Metal powder
• Resin
• Fertilizer
• Rubber powder

• Palm oil

• Reflective glass beads
• Ceramic sand
• Recycling
• Sugar
• Spice herb
• Wheat flour