Chemical Sieving Process
Chemicals are the building blocks for products that meet our most fundamental needs for food, shelter, and health. Chemical plants around the world depend on WEILIANG separation equipment to facilitate the processing of their products. Thousands of WEILIANG sieving equipment are presently used in the chemical process industries to efficiently and economically perform most separator process functions. Whether you require our circular vibrating separator, our high capacity tumbler screen or one of our gyratory screen; WEILIANG has the system specific to your application.

Product Recommend
MX48 Vibro-Energy Round Separator Circular vibrating screen
-- S49 is the basic model vibrating screen, born with our innovations and many experiences, several designs are still ahead of other competitors today, we escalate the basic vibrating screen, a wide range of products have been derived for specific screening processes. -- Unique integrated pre-tension screen, instead of previous complex screen structure, which may bring the loose mesh on production, updated screening accuracy, prolong the life time of screen mesh. -- Patented disc intelligent

Our Advantage Application
• Petroleum coke
• Calcite
• Plastic 
• Sodium carbonate
• Wood powder

• Milk
• Citric acid
• Silica sand
• Starch
• Fiber
• Salt
• Soy portein
• Coconut milk

• Silcone metal
• Frac sand
• Metal powder
• Resin
• Fertilizer
• Rubber powder

• Palm oil

• Reflective glass beads
• Ceramic sand
• Recycling
• Sugar
• Spice herb
• Wheat flour