Silicon metal powder production line

We produce the whole production line from silicon metal block to powder, Crusher - bucket elevator - mill - bucket elevator - gyratory screener

-- In the organic silicon industry, the industrial silicon powder is the basic material for the synthesis of organosilicon polymers, such as silicone monomer, silicone oil, and silicone rubber preservatives, thereby enhancing the heat resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, watertightness and other characteristics.  
 -- Industrial silicon powder is made into single crystal silicon, and the processed silicon is widely used in high-tech fields and is the essential raw materials of integrated circuits and electronic components. 
 -- In the metallurgical foundry industry, the industrial silicon powder is used as non-ferrous additive and silicon steel alloying agent to improve the steel hardenability. It is also applied as reducing agent of some metal and new ceramic alloy.
 -- Widely applied in solar energy industry, polysilicon production, organsilicon chemical industry, trichlorosilane, powder metallurgy, metallurgical foundry, refractory ant etc.