The screen mesh is cylindrical, placed in the body, the material through the screw conveyor system, mixed with the air flow, atomized into the mesh tube; through the mesh tube wind wheel leaves the material at the same time by the centrifugal force and the cyclone propulsion, which Forcing the material to be sprayed through the mesh, discharged from the fine material outlet, the big particle is discharged along the mesh cage from coarse material outlet.

-- Small volume, light weight, no vibration smoothly, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency.
-- The structure is novel, easy to install and control.
-- The machine can operate either in single unit or in multiple units, and it is safe and reliable for long time operation.
-- The screen-mesh can be cleaned automatically by cyclone.
-- The machine has the function of re-crashing the agglomeration material.
-- The new roller bearing units can prolong the using life.
-- The machine can pair up with the pneumatic conveying systems, and directly crosses into the wind path to save the resources.
-- New design: The gas protection system can transfer the purified air to the two ends of the device, which will reduce the temperature created in the operation of the device; it will form the air isolated layer to avoid the powde entering the bearing so as to increase the using life of the bearing effectively, reduce the maintenance frequency, and increase work efficiency.
-- The machines can be specially designed to meet special requirements.